Workshop : End the pollution in GABES Now!!

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Workshop : End the pollution in GABES Now!!
Début :
10 juin 2012 9 h 00 min
Fin :
10 juin 2012 16 h 30 min
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The OVC Faundation LTDH GABES
28 mai 2012
Lieu :
Hotel oasis GABES
Adresse :
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GABES/6033, Tunisia

The OVC Foundation and The United Nation Youth Association of Tunisia and the LTDH GABES . Together we teamed up for a very special project called « Workshop: End the Pollution in Gabes Now!! » — an initiative devoted to come up with ideas worth spreading to change the ecological situation in GABES. The OVC Foundation and the United Nation Youth Association of Tunisia have collaborated with RIO+20 Dialogues to voice the natural and human calamities the city of Gabes has been facing since early 70′s. The workshop aims at looking for urgent solutions that can shape a better future for the coming generations.

20 participants are going to take part in this workshop through writing essays in English in which they describe the situation in Gabes and try to give urgent solutions. Seize the opportunity to have your voice heard by the Heads of State in Rio+20 !

Participants are expected to be both aware of the ecological disasters/ solutions and to have a good communicative English skills. Essays will be written in English.

Anyone who’s interested in applying for this workshop should fill the application below with the information needed.
Those who will be selected to take part in this workshop will be notified through e-mail or phone. Unfortunately, We are afraid to announce that those who will not get a confirmation notification cannot attend the workshop.

The workshop will take place on June 10 2012 at Oasis Hotel. Participants will receive certificates of participation from the OVC and the UNYAT.